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Schedules MON-FRI

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Muay Thai College Europe, in line with the programs in force in the Thai University and the Thai Ministry of Education, has structured the educational didactic path providing the following degrees of teaching of Muay Thai Boran

X Khan     White Mongkon
Xl Khan     Trainee Instructor White & Red Mongkon
XII Khan     Instructor Red Mongkon
XIII Khan     Kru Red e Yellow Mongkon


• Trainee Instructor Courses;

• Instructor Courses;

• Masters Courses;

The khan from XI to XIII are the first technical degrees for teachers and can be achieved only after following specific training course and have passed the qualifying examination.

Such Khan, as described extensively in the section Courses can be taken at the Muay Thai College Europe or in Thailand at the University of Bangkok, after presentation.

Access to these levels must always be subordinate to the exam for the White Mongkon, last level of training as a student and first level for the start of the teaching practice.

In dedicated to each course section contains all the information on the basic minimum requirements, the subjects of study and the validity range.

In general, the subjects covered range from fundamentals to advanced technique of Muay Thai, also providing various interdisciplinary subjects ranging from medicine and sport psychology.

The Khan XIV and XV are achievable degrees only in Thailand and enclosing a comprehensible meaning only if you practice Muay Thai in Thailand:

XIV Khan Arjarn Mongkon
XV Khan Arjarn Yai Gold Mongkon

At the levels above are added the following specialization courses listed and which represent training to itself:

• Instructor for youth Course;

• Referees and Judges Course 

• Trainer athletic martial arts and ring sports Course 

Muay Thai College Europe has as its goal an educational and a careful and comprehensive training.

Be a "teacher" of Muay Thai means knowing not only the sporting aspect but also the traditional and advance.

Muay Thai is that and knowledgeable teaching is an art, and each level requires a study that goes beyond the simple competitive and athletic action and that is not limited to knowledge of technical "basis" of the fight.

Basic knowledge of Mae Mai and Luk Mai, the Wai Kru Ram Muay, techniques with modern and traditional names in Thai, rules and regulation by thai fighting.



For all courses exams provide a technical test (closed and open questions) and a practical, to be held on the same day.

In case of non-exceedance of one of the two tests or both will be able to repeat the same one time without additional charges.

Upon passing the exam, the student will receive a diploma certifying that the qualification obtained. The Diploma received is issued by sports promotion body and is valid throughout the national territory.

The diploma will also receive international recognition through the Muay Thai responsible teacher GM ° Narciso Bramini, representative of the University of Bangkok in Europe.

The training program will also be followed and enriched by a training in Thailand at the Faculty of Muay Thai in Bangkok. For these details can be found under "Degrees in Thailand" and "ad hoc training".



Participation in the course is subject to the association Muay Thai College Europe and the payment (at least 15 days before classes) of the entry fee to the chosen course.

The courses will be held according to schedule downloadable in the section.

The Committee reserves the right to activate the courses to achieve the minimum number of registrations and to change for internal reasons the start dates of the courses without this being prerequisite to request any reimbursement of the fees paid.

To subscribe, send an e-mail, leaving their complete details to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Make the payment of the fee, by the date indicated above, by bank transfer, specifying the reason "course of ... .." (call the Secretary for bank details).

Send by email the receipt of the payment made.



Participants should come equipped with appropriate clothing for the course. They will not be admitted rudeness attitudes and lack of seriousness. Otherwise the person concerned will leave the course with no right of return of the amount paid.


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Committed for over 30 years in the study of Muay Thai and in the world of combat sports, we founded this European institute based in Italy in order to reproduce the same model of education for grades up to Grand Master in force in Thailand. High professionalism and attention to proper education are our mission.

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